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Aries - March 21 - April 19
Your life doesn't always go the way you want it to -- this is not news for you, but today it will feel like it. And the sooner you come to terms with the fact that you're not going to get what you want, the better. In terms of a romantic pursuit, don't get upset if things aren't progressing at the pace you would like. There are two people here, and you both have to balance what you want with what the other person is willing to give. Try some patience and take time away from them.

Taurus - April 20 - May 20
You not only have all the intense energy you will need to get something good started today, you'll have enough energy to finish everything up! Like the good organizer you are, you've done the work necessary -- now all you need to focus on is the follow-through. This won't take much time, so be prepared to have something to do with all the extra time you'll have in your day. Why not visit an old friend or relative who would love to hear all the details of your latest adventures?

Gemini - May 21 - June 21
It is much wiser to be over prepared than it is to be under prepared! So practice that speech again, proofread that report one more time, and get yourself so in tune with whatever responsibilities you have today that they become second nature. The less separation you have between your mind and your words, the better. You'll feel more confident, you'll cultivate valuable qualities of deep focus, you'll be much more relaxed, and you will be much more impressive!

Cancer - June 22 - July 22
There is some unusual energy churning around deep inside your brain today, and it is going to help you come up with innovative ideas that are less understandable than usual. But the wonderful thing is that the crazier your ideas are, the better! The projects you're working on need just this type of out of the box thinking to jar the creativity of the people around you and get better ideas flowing. It's your irreverence that will help fuel progress right now, remember that!

Leo - July 23 - August 22
Stand tall against whatever -- or whoever -- intimidates you today. That hipster barista is no cooler than you ... your boss isn't any smarter than you ... and public speaking is no sweat if you picture them in their skivvies. Self-empowerment is easier than you think. All you have to do is learn more about what you fear. Strike up a conversation and practice, practice, practice! You're part of the human tribe today, embrace it!

Virgo - August 23 - September 22
You will wake up on the social side of the bed this morning, so don't be surprised if you start getting into a more people-oriented frame of mind. The universe is reaching out to remind you that you are part of a bigger community -- and compatible with more people than you realize. It is important to go for the crowded places, and strike up some friendly conversations with strangers. After all, you know what they say -- a stranger is simple a friend you haven't met yet.

Libra - September 23 - October 22
The buzz around you is rising to a fever pitch today, and suddenly people you didn't think even knew your name are giving you a lot of attention. You have a unique energy that is pulling people toward you, and today that magnetic effect will pull in some people with real power. Match everyone smile for smile and be more outgoing than usual. You could really make the most of this newfound popularity today, if you just buy into all of your fabulousness.
Scorpio - October 23 - November 21
Someone has a few new ideas that they'd like to share with you today, but will you have the time to listen? Try to slow down your normal routine long enough to hear from the people who don't normally have enough power or influence to bend your ear. You are one of the rare people who don't judge books by their covers, so don't start now! Keep that open mind -- especially when someone says something that rubs you the wrong way. There is substance there that's worth investigating.

Sagittarius - November 22-December 21
Why hire or ask someone to do something for you when you can do it yourself? Sure, it may be more convenient to send your laundry out, have a restaurant chef cook your meal, let a maid service clean your home, or pay someone to walk your dog -- but is it necessary? You run the risk of isolating yourself from your own life right now, and that could cause you to feel disconnected from others. You need to get back to the basics, roll up your sleeves and expel the energy it takes to run your life.

Capricorn - December 22 - January 19
Connections can happen in unlikely places -- and with unlikely people. Today, in circumstances beyond your control, you may find yourself talking to someone you never would have considered talking to before -- and it could lead to a new type of romance. You possess a magnetism that will only grow in the coming weeks. Take people seriously when they flirt with you, and give them a chance to show you what they can do. There is a real value in giving people the benefit of the doubt.
Aquarius - January 20 - February 18
If you spend too much time thinking about your past mistakes, how can you focus on moving forward? Today, you need to put the boxing gloves away -- because it's time for you to stop beating yourself up! No one remembers the things you did or didn't do, so why on earth should you? It's one thing to learn lessons from errors you've made, but it is quite another to continually punish yourself. This is a fresh day, full of possibility and promise. Don't waste it feeling regret.
Pisces - February 19 - March 20
One of the toughest people you've ever met has suddenly grown sweet and soft -- the reason has something to do with the hot new romance in their life. It seems that opening up their heart has softened it, and you need to spend some time getting to know this new version of your old friend. Make a date to catch up with them and hear about what's been going on in their life. They're eager to share the good news -- and to share their new outlook on life with you.
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Kermit the Frog was named after Kermit Scott, a childhood friend of creator Jim Henson, who became a professor of philosophy at Purdue University.
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Mattel to sue over lesbian Barbie show

Toy manufacturer Mattel is reportedly threatening to sue a Brazilian artist for portraying Barbie as a lesbian.

Karin Schwarz's exhibition features pictures of Barbie in compromising situations, reports the Jornal de Sao Paulo newspaper.

Mattel has given the artist 24 hours to close down the exhibiton or they say they will take legal action.

But Ms Schwarz says she will not back down: "Barbie is exploited by Mattel. She wears a bikini, she shows off her belly, has big breasts, and even has a boyfriend," she said.

The exhibition, entitled Amazing Girls, is on show at a bar in the city of Curitiba.

A Mattel spokesperson said: "Barbie is a very proper lady and she is not happy about being portraited as something that she isn't.

"We are going to sue and we hope that this teaches people a lesson. Also, Barbie is 46 years old, she should be respected!"

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1803: Prosper Merimee, French writer
1916: Peter Finch, English film actor
1934: Brigit Bardot, French born film actress

1745: The British national anthem, God Save The King, sung for the first time
1794: Britain, Austria and Russia form alliance against France
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