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Bendigo Victoria AustraliaABOUT US

BWC Web Solutions

We are a personalised web design business
located in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. We have been providing our services to Australian businesses for over 9 years now.

Our goal is to deliver professional, high quality web design and internet services to our clients in both small and medium sized business.

Quality service and client satisfaction have been the key to our success and has allowed us to build an extensive base of happy clients which is continually growing due to our personalised service.

We love the design process and take pride in our work. No matter how big or small, each web site we work on has it's own personality that makes it unique and we don't sign off on that project until we and our clients are fully satisfied.
Mark Victor
Mark Victor
Naomi Williams
Naomi Williams
Being a small business means we have low overheads and can be price competitive. It also means you deal with one person from start to finish. We always work closely with our clients from start to finish of each project to ensure their business is promoted with the right technology and content.

Sometimes we deal with businesses that are still relatively new to the Internet. Not everyone is up with the latest technobabble so we take the time to explain. It's our ability to translate the technical jargon to commonsense terms that wins over clients and makes the task of building a website for their business so much easier.

We are proudly 100% Bendigo, Australia owned & operated.

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